About the platform

What is Regiz?

Regiz is a digital documentation technology project that focuses on the authentication, verification, and digitization of documents so that they can be electronically stored more compactly and securely. It may be an educational certificate or professional certification, computerized receipts, work identification cards, or any suitable document.

What is our role?

Our role is to utilize blockchain technology to mint your uploaded documents, granting them a distinct chain identity and a verification badge. This process transforms your document into a valuable digital asset, securely stored within a decentralized registry for verification purposes. All documents originating from government-registered organizations/institutions undergo a thorough verification and confirmation process.

Third parties, authorized by the document owner, can utilize the app to globally authenticate these documents. Regiz aims to be a decentralized application, empowering users with complete control over their documents, similar to how they have control over their finances.